Play your way, twice a day! Win up to $6,000!

Pick 4 is an in-state game that can be played for 50¢ or $1, depending on the type of play selected. EZ Match (cost an additional $1) and Wild Ball (doubles the cost of the Pick 4 play) are each available as add-on features.

Drawings are held twice daily. The Midday drawing is at approximately 12:45 p.m. and the Evening drawing is at approximately 8:59 p.m.

Saturday, Jul 13
Wild Ball: 7
Wild Ball: 0
Past Winning Numbers

General Rules That Apply to All Draw Games

  1. It is the player's responsibility to check their ticket to make sure it represents the correct game, draw date, numbers requested and has a visible bar code or serial number.
  2. Winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days of the last winning draw date on the ticket.
  3. Purchased tickets are only valid for the dates shown on the ticket.
  4. The ticket, not the playslip, is the only valid proof of your number selection, and it is the only valid receipt to claim a prize.
  5. All tickets, transactions and winners are subject to the directives of the executive director of the Missouri Lottery, the rules and regulations of the Missouri Lottery and the Missouri Statutes, and tickets are only offered for sale in accordance with the same.
  6. Upon purchasing a ticket, the player agrees to abide by the Missouri Statutes and all rules and regulations of the Missouri Lottery.
  7. A ticket is a bearer instrument. It is recommended that the ticket be signed at the time of purchase.
  8. The Missouri Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Tickets are void and will not be paid if determined stolen, unissued, illegible, mutilated, altered in whole or part, misregistered, defective, incomplete, printed or produced in error, multiply-printed, or if the ticket fails any of the Missouri Lottery's confidential validation tests. Liability for void tickets is limited to replacement of the ticket or refund of sales price.
  9. Tickets may not be sold to or redeemed by minors under the age of 18.
  10. The holder of a winning ticket may win in only one prize category per play board and shall be paid the prize in the highest category won.

Pick 4 Game Rules

For each Pick 4 play, select four numbers from 0 to 9, except when playing Front Three or Back Three (three number selections) or Front, Middle or Back Pair (two number selections). Select the wager amount (50 cents  or $1), the type of play (play types specified below) and drawing time (Midday, Evening or Both). Wild Ball (doubles the cost of the play) and EZ Match (additional $1 per play) are both available as optional add-on features. Each playslip allows a player to play up to 5 plays for up to 14 consecutive drawings.

Game selections can be made by one of four ways: by verbally communicating the numbers to the retailer, by completing a paper playslip, by completing a digital playslip or by requesting a "Quick Pick." A Quick Pick is a computerized randomly-selected set of numbers available through the Draw Games terminal. Pick 4 is drawn twice daily, seven days a week, at approximately 12:45 p.m. and 8:59 p.m. each day. Depending on the play type chosen (play types specified below), a player must match all four numbers in the Exact Order drawn or in Any Order drawn to win.

How to play Pick 4 using a paper playslip

  1. The playslip has five play boards ("Play A" through "Play E"), each containing four rows of numbers from 0 through 9. You may play from one to five boards. To play your numbers for more than one drawing at a time, mark the appropriate box on the top of the playslip next to "MULTI-DRAW." This will play only your selections in "Play A" through "Play E" for that number of drawings. Pick 4 can be played for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 14 consecutive drawings.
  2. Select the wager amount ($.50 cents or $1). Note: $.50 plays are not available for Straight/Box play types.
  3. Select one option for the play type. Play types include the following options:
    • Straight (Exact Order)
    • Box (Any Order)
    • Straight/Box (Exact Order or Any Order – must be $1 wager)
    • Front Three
    • Back Three
    • Front Pair
    • Middle Pair
    • Back Pair
    • Combo (Gives all possible four-number combinations of the chosen numbers for an Exact-Order win)
  4. Based on the play type, select one number (0 to 9) from each of the appropriate rows, or mark the "QP" (Quick Pick) box. You may select the same number multiple times, but Box, Straight/Box and Combo play types require at least two different digits.
  5. Pick 4 can be played for the Midday drawing, Evening drawing or Both by selecting the appropriate box on the left side of the playslip. If no selection is made, your selections will be played for the next available Pick 4 drawing.
  6. Optional features of Wild Ball and/or EZ Match are available, if desired. Wild Ball creates more possible winning number combinations and doubles the cost of the Pick 4 play (see Wild Ball rules below). EZ Match is an instant-win feature that costs an additional $1 per play (see EZ Match rules below). You may select one, both or neither of these features for your Pick 4 play.
  7. If you make a mistake, mark the "Void" box on that board and select your numbers on the next board.
  8. Prize payouts for 50-cent plays will be half of the amount of a $1 play.
  9. The cost for a Combo wager can be from $2 to $24, depending on the wager amount and numbers played.
  10. Use only a blue or black pen or use a pencil for marking selections; red ink will not be accepted by the terminal.

How to play Pick 4 using a digital playslip with the mobile app

  1. Select how many drawings you'd like to play. Pick 4 can be played for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 14 consecutive drawings.
  2. Select your drawing time. Pick 4 can be played for the Midday drawing, Evening drawing or Both.
  3. Select your play type. Options include:
    • Straight
    • Box
    • Straight/Box
    • Front Pair
    • Back Pair
    • Middle Pair
    • Front Three
    • Back Three
    • Combo
  4. Select the amount you'd like to play. Pick 4 can be played for 50 cents or $1, except for the Straight/Box play type, which must be $1 plays. Prize payouts for 50-cent plays are half the payouts for $1 plays. Combo play types cost between $2 and $24, depending on the selected wager amount and numbers chosen.
  5. Choose whether to add Wild Ball by selecting "Yes" or "No." Wild Ball is a game option that creates more possible winning combinations and doubles the cost of the Pick 4 play. See Wild Ball rules below.
  6. Choose whether to add EZ Match by selecting "Yes" or "No." EZ Match is an instant-win feature that costs an additional $1 per play. See EZ Match rules below.
  7. Select the numbers you want to play. Select four numbers from 0 to 9, or shake your phone/press the Quick Pick button to have the app select your numbers for you. You may choose the same number multiple times, but Box, Straight/Box and Combo play types require at least two different digits.
  8. Review your digital playslip, then tap "Save Digital Playslip." Present the QR code at retail to use your digital playslip.

How to play Pick 4 verbally

At the discretion of the retailer, Pick 4 may be played by making a verbal request for a ticket. The player must provide the clerk with all of the following information:

  1. The numbers to be played – either player-selected or "Quick Pick"
  2. The dollar amount to be played - either 50 cents or $1
  3. The wager type - Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Three, Back Three, Front Pair, Middle Pair, Back Pair or Combo.
  4. The number of draws to be played
  5. The drawing to be played: Midday, Evening or Both
  6. The addition of Wild Ball, if desired
  7. The addition of EZ Match, if desired

Wild Ball

Wild Ball is an optional add-on feature that replaces any of the winning Pick 4 numbers with the Wild Ball number drawn for that game - creating more winning combinations and more ways to win!

  • The Pick 4 Wild Ball number is drawn immediately following the Pick 4 drawing.
  • Players can win multiple Wild Ball prizes on the same play, in addition to any wins on the base game.
  • Wild Ball DOUBLES the cost of the base Pick 4 play.

EZ Match

EZ Match is an instant-win feature that is an add-on game that costs $1 per play, in addition to the cost of the Pick 4 ticket. A player selecting EZ Match for Pick 4 will receive four (4) EZ Match numbers printed below the Pick 4 numbers on the ticket. If any of the randomly-generated EZ Match numbers match the player's Pick 4 numbers, regardless of order, they will instantly win the corresponding EZ Match prize.

  1. If two (2) or more of the same Pick 4 game numbers match an EZ Match number, the player wins the EZ Match prize amount printed next to the matched EZ Match number one (1) time.
  2. Players may play EZ Match by marking the applicable EZ Match box on the Pick 4 playslip or by requesting the add-on from the retailer.
  3. Each board played with EZ Match will be printed on a separate ticket. Pick 4 tickets with the added EZ Match option will print with the Pick 4/EZ Match logo at the top of the ticket; the EZ Match logo will also be within the body of the ticket with the EZ Match numbers, and the amount of the prizes will be printed below the EZ Match logo. Draw Games tickets printed without these elements are not EZ Match tickets and are not eligible to win EZ Match prizes.
  4. Pick 4 tickets with EZ Match cannot be canceled.
  5. A winning EZ Match play can be cashed at any Missouri Lottery retail location either before or after the host game drawing. If the EZ Match play is cashed prior to the host game drawing, an exchange ticket will print for the upcoming drawing, just like when a multi-draw winning ticket is cashed before all the drawings have occurred. If a winning EZ Match play is cashed after the host game drawing has occurred, and wins on both the EZ Match wager and the host game drawing, the prizes will be added together and paid in one lump sum.
  6. EZ Match prizes can be claimed up to 180 days from the host game draw date on which the EZ Match wager was originally purchased.


EZ match
chances of winning and prize payouts
Prize Chances 1 in
$500 84,000
$250 84,000
$100 28,000
$50 8,400
$20 3,360
$15 2,100
$10 442.11
$5 420
$4 76.36
$3 14.48
$2 6.68
Overall Chances of Winning a Prize: 1 in 4.21

Pick 4 tickets with EZ Match cannot be canceled.


Pick 4 Liability Limit

Two Missouri Lottery games - Pick 3 and Pick 4 - have liability limits, meaning players may be denied the purchase of numbers when a certain number of tickets with a particular combination have been sold. Liability limits have been placed on these games to keep the Lottery from selling more winning tickets than it can pay. The liability limit is $1.5 million for Pick 3 and $1.5 million for Pick 4. Setting liability limits is standard in the Lottery industry on games with fixed payouts.

On rare occasions, popular Pick 3 and Pick 4 numbers may "sell out" and cannot be purchased. Liability limits are reached when a large number of people have chosen a certain number combination, such as the Pick 4 combination 2-0-0-0, which was popular on Jan. 1, 2000, to mark the new millennium.

There is no need for liability limits on Lotto and Powerball numbers, since jackpots are pari-mutuel, meaning the jackpot prize is divided equally among all its winners.

The Missouri Lottery has an obligation to raise as much money as possible for public education programs, while also ensuring that we have funds available to pay winners. To accomplish this, we must be able to limit our potential payout to an amount that we expect to reasonably pay based on the sales we generate for this game. 


Selling Hours

All Draw Games are available for purchase from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Club Keno until 1:52 a.m.) seven days a week at any Draw Games retailer, except during Draw Breaks.


Draw Breaks

The process of selecting winning numbers for each game is referred to as a "Drawing" or "Draw." A "Draw Break" is when sales are suspended for a particular game so that the wagers for that "Drawing" may be balanced and the winning numbers drawn. The draw breaks for each game are listed below:

Game Draw BREAK
Pick 3, Pick 4 12:45 p.m. – 12:59 p.m. & 8:59 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. daily
Cash4Life 7:45 p.m. – 8 p.m. daily
Show Me Cash 8:59 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. daily
Lotto 8:59 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday
Powerball 8:59 p.m. – 10 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Mega Millions 8:59 p.m. – 10 p.m. Tuesday and Friday

How to Check Your Numbers

  1. Watch the televised drawing, if available, on your local Lottery station or check local newspapers or radio stations.
  2. Check with your Lottery retailer for the winning numbers. Request a winning numbers report or check tickets at a Check-A-Ticket machine.
  3. Visiting the Winning Numbers page on this website.
  4. Scan your tickets on the official Missouri Lottery mobile app.
  5. Subscribe to the Lottery's FREE daily Winning Numbers email newsletter.
  6. Call the Lottery hotline nearest you to hear a recorded message of the current winning numbers:

            Jefferson City – (573) 751-1111
            Kansas City – (816) 795-0203
            Springfield – (417) 888-4271
            St. Louis – (314) 340-5805


How to Claim Your Prize

Claim winning tickets up to and including $600 at any Draw Games retail location.

Claim winning tickets of more than $600 at Missouri Lottery redemption centers by making an appointment or by mailing in your ticket with a completed claim form. A claim form must accompany winning tickets of more than $600. A claim form is available at any Lottery retailer or here on our website.


Mailing Instructions

  1. The claimant's name, address, telephone number and signature must be on the back of the ticket.
  2. The Lottery suggests that the claimant makes and retains a photocopy of both the front and back of the ticket for their personal records.
  3. If the prize is more than $600, a completed claim form, which is available from a Lottery retailer, at Lottery regional offices or through the Lottery's website, must accompany the ticket. A copy of the completed claim form should be made and retained by the claimant.
  4. The claim form and original ticket should be mailed to:

    Ticket Redemption
    Missouri Lottery
    P.O. Box 7777
    Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777